How to find out if a passport number is real?

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Organizations that have accounts with Passport-Check can find out if a passport number is real quickly and easily. Passports are widely accepted as an official form of identification. Verifying a passport number confirms an individual's identity.

When you are logged in to the Passport-Check system, you are able to verify such information immediately.

Use the Passport-Check application available from World-Check. According to Passport-Check, organisations that use this service can find out if any passport number is real for free. Download the Passport-Check application and load it.

Open the passport that you would like to verify to the page inside the front cover. This is the page that includes the person's passport photo. If you turn the passport counterclockwise to view the passport information, the passport number is the number printed on the upper right-hand corner of the page in black bold print.

Type the passport number into the Passport-Check application in the form next to the words "Enter Passport Number." Click Verify and wait for the system to check the passport number.

Review the results. The system tells you whether the passport number you entered is to a valid passport or one that is fictional.