How to Set Up Call Forwarding on an Avaya Phone to Another Extension

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There are two methods of forwarding calls from one extension to another on the Avaya phone system. Pick up the receiver, press the "call-fwd" button or enter the call forward feature code, and then enter the destination extension to forward calls from one extension to another. An audible burst of three tones will indicate the call forwarding has been activated. The other method is station-enhanced call forwarding and will forward on several different parameters.

Launch the Avaya Site Administration application. Click on the down arrow in the system box at the upper-right of your screen, and select the system you need to make the extension changes on.

Click on the "System" tab, and then select "General", then click on "Start GEDI." Wait for the software to set up a connection to the Avaya Communications Manager server.

Click inside the action window at the top left of the screen. Type in the command "change station" followed by the extension number you want to set up.

Click on the "Page 3" tab at the upper portion of the screen. Notice the "Enhanced Call Forwarding" section.

Click on the entry screens for unconditional internal and external calls, busy internal and external calls, and no reply internal and external calls. Type in the forwarding targets for each description.

Click on the "Active" box to the right of the forwarding destination entries, and type "Y" in each box you want to activate the call forwarding options.

Click the "Enter" tab at the top of the screen or press the "F3" key on your keyboard.

Click on the page 4 or 5 tab of the station form to add a call forward button on the telephone set. Click on an empty feature button box, and type "call-fwd" and click the "Save" button. This will allow the user to activate the simplified station call forward feature.

Check the call forwarding by typing "status station" followed by the extension. Click on the "Page 2" tab, and check the call forwarding information at the bottom of the screen.

Log off the system.

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