How to block a number with Sky

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Receiving unwanted telephone calls can be frustrating and time-consuming. Sky customers can use the company's call barring service to block incoming calls. You can choose to block specific telephone numbers or bar the last number that called you with a few simple steps using your telephone's touch keypad.

Block a specific number

Pick up the phone and check you can hear the dialling tone. Tap "14258" on your telephone keypad, and then enter your PIN code. If you haven't changed your phone's settings, the default PIN is "1234."

Listen to the instructions in the recorded message. Select the option for barring a specific number by pressing the applicable button on your phone's keypad.

Enter the telephone number you wish to block, including the area dialling code. Press the hash key with the "#" icon to store the blocked number.

Review the number or check that previous blocked numbers have been activated. Hang up, and then redial "14258" followed by your PIN. Select the relevant option from the menu.

Block the last number

Hang up from the unwanted call. Dial "14258" from your telephone handset.

Press the star "*" button twice on your phone keypad.

Listen to the recorded message and confirm that you want to bar calls from the last caller by pressing the applicable number on the phone's keypad. Sky will now block all calls from this number.

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