How to call directly to someone's voicemail

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If you're halfheartedly avoiding contact with someone, or if you need to get a message to someone who is otherwise occupied, you may want to bypass the possibility that the person you're calling will pick up the phone. There are three different methods to go directly to another person's voicemail. Use any of them to avoid those awkward "I was hoping this would go to voicemail" moments.

Call your own voicemail, and enter your security code to get access to your account.

Press "2." In most voicemail systems, this opens a dialogue that allows users to send messages to other voicemail boxes on the same provider.

Enter the voicemail box number you want to reach.

Leave your message.

Dial 267-SLYDIAL (267-759-3425). Your service provider will charge you airtime or long distance fees, but otherwise the call is free.

Listen to the advertisement and enter the voicemail box you wish to reach.

Leave your message after the call connects.

Download the VoiceDrop app. It is compatible with the Android, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Use VoiceDrop to dial the number from your contact list.

Leave your message.

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