How to Access Voicemail on an Orange Phone

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Orange is a mobile phone carrier based in the UK that offers monthly, prepaid and broadband services to its customers. In addition, most of their phones come equipped with a voicemail feature.

Accessing the voice mailbox on your Orange phone enables you to retrieve messages from callers who were unable to reach you initially. Voicemail is a useful feature, as it allows you to retrieve your messages at your convenience.

Turn on your mobile phone and unlock the key pad (if applicable).

Press and hold the number "1" key, and wait for your phone to dial your voicemail number.

Press "1" to listen to your voicemail messages. Follow the remaining prompts to delete, save or forward your voicemail messages.

Dial your mobile phone number from another mobile phone, "07973-100-123" from a UK phone or "44-7973-100-123" from another country's phone.

Wait until your voicemail recording plays, then press the * key.

Enter your mobile phone number, followed by your voicemail PIN number, when prompted to do so. Press "1" to access your voicemail messages.