How to Flash a Nokia N-Gage

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N-Gage cell phones are made by Nokia and are designed to play games and send/receive telephone calls. You can "flash" -- or edit -- your phone's internal settings using a variety of freeware software to connect the N-Gage to your PC. Flashing your N-Gage will take about 10 minutes.

Turn on your computer and open a web browser. Download a Nokia flash program from the list in the References section. Install the program, then restart your computer.

Turn on your Nokia N-Gage and connect the USB cable to it. Connect the USB cable to the computer. Run the flash program and select "Flash," then "N-Gage" from the program's main menu. The program will display a list of available configuration options, including contact lists, data transfers and serial number modifications. Change the settings you wish to modify, then click "OK" and the program will save your changes.

Wait for the flash process to complete, then close the program and turn off the N-Gage. Restart the N-Gage and your new settings will be applied. You can undo or modify your changes at any time using the USB cable and your flashing program.

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