How to change ring back tones

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Ringback tones are a great feature that allow callers to hear a song of your choice when they call you, rather than just hearing a simple ring. Ringback tones can be selected from a wide variety of musical genres and are a great way to add a personal touch to your cell phone.

Learn how to change ringback tones on your Verizon Wireless phone in just a few simple steps.

Go to (see Resources below) and complete the online registration so that you can access and manage your account online. You may be required to confirm your registration by signing in using the username and password you just registered.

Access the Verizon Media Store by selecting the "Get Tones and MP3s" option from the "Explore Features" menu.

Browse the Verizon Media Store to find new ringback tones to purchase, or manage your current ringback tones by selecting the "My Ringback Tones" option, located at the top of the page. The Ringback Tone Manager will open to display all of your available ringback tones.

Change your default ringback tone by clicking on the appropriate icon and dragging it across the screen and into the bar on the right-hand side. You can set different ringback tones for different people or change the time of day that your ringback tone plays by using the same drag and drop procedure.

Build a jukebox playlist for your ringback tones by selecting the "Jukebox" option at the bottom of your Ringback Tone Manager. Drag all the ringback tones you want included into your jukebox, name the jukebox playlist and then click "OK" to save your selections.

Go to the "Get it Now" menu of your phone to download the VZW Tones Deluxe application to your cell phone. VZW Tones Deluxe is a free download that will allow you to manage your ringback tones directly from your phone. Wait for the application to download and then open it.

Select the "Manage" option located at the top of your cell phone screen.

Select "Manage Ringbacks" from the "Manage" menu. The "Manage Ringbacks" menu will open.

Use your phone's arrow keys to navigate to the new ringback tone you want to set as your default.

Select the ringback tone and hit "OK" to confirm your selection.