How to Tie Your Timberland Boots

Updated April 17, 2017

Timberland boots were initially created for hiking, camping, mountain climbing and other outdoor activities. They are popular with those who love the outdoors but have become even more popular with those who love fashion. Timberland boots have become iconic in the fashion world. You can have them custom-made or choose from a variety of colours and designs. The way you tie your Timberland boots adds to their appeal.

Run a shoelace through each eyelet at the bottom of your Timberland boot. Even out the shoelaces by making sure they are the same length on each side.

Cross the laces over each other and insert each lace through the next row of eyelets. Make sure the length of the laces remains even.

Cross the laces and continue feeding them into each row of eyelets until you reach the top row. Straighten the tongue of your Timberland boots and tighten each row of laces, if necessary.

Tie your laces, leave them hanging or tuck each lace inside of your boot. Your style and purpose for wearing the boots determines how you choose to secure your laces.


Leaving laces loose makes a fashion statement, but it is best to tie and secure your laces for safety.

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