Shoelace Hiding Tricks

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Shoelaces have traditionally crisscrossed their way over tongues and up sneakers and boots, ending in a knot at the top. Sometimes practicality dictates that shoes be laced in a non-traditional fashion, and sometimes fashion dictates that knots and shoelaces remain hidden from sight.

Figuring out how to hide your shoelaces can be difficult for the inexperienced, but once you learn a few simple tricks, it's easy to do.

Hiding the Knot

After lacing your shoes in whatever manner you see fit, you can hide the knot by tying the laces around your ankles. Wrap the laces around your ankles as many times as necessary and knot them. This style is more comfortable than it sounds. Experiment with knot placement to figure out what works best for you. Avoid tying the knot where it will rub on your ankle bone. Wrap the laces comfortably snug but not too tight. If the laces are uncomfortably tight, they will dig into your skin and potentially decrease circulation to your feet. Jeans are typically worn with shoes tied in this manner.

Hiding the Excess Laces

Shoelace ends hanging from a knot can be easily avoided. Lace your shoes as you normally do. Instead of knotting them, push the right lace through the last hole the left lace comes through, from the outside in, and push the left lace through the last hole the right lace comes through, from the outside in. This is called "double lacing" because two laces run through the same hole in opposite directions. Double lacing will maintain snugness without needing a knot. Tuck the shoelaces into your shoes on each side, hiding them from view.

Hiding Behind the Tongue

Shoelaces can be hidden entirely behind the tongue of the shoe. Pull the tongue out of the shoe before lacing. Lace the shoes however you would like, and either knot them at the top, double lace them or tie them around your ankle. Push the tongue back into place when finished. When using this technique, it's a good idea to end the lacing three-quarters of the way up the shoe to avoid making the tongue look bulky or allowing the shoelaces to be visible when the tongue moves as you walk. Knotting the laces in the traditional fashion may also make the tongue look bulky. This manner of lacing may feel strange at first, as the laces are against the top of your foot without the extra cushioning the tongue provides. Try lacing your shoes different ways until you find a comfortable fit.