How to blouse boots military style

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According to Regulation 670-1 of the Army dress code, all trousers must be bloused for work uniforms. Blousing prevents rocks, debris and insects from getting inside the boot or up the pant leg. Although blousing may seem difficult at first, with a little practice any new recruit can learn to blouse his trousers.

Pull on trousers, socks and boots.

Lace combat boots but do not tie them.

Pull each pant leg to just above the top of the combat boots.

If the trousers have a blousing string, pull the string tight and tie a square knot above the top of the boot. If the trousers do not have a blousing string, snap a blousing cord around the leg of the trousers, just above the boot.

Tuck the trousers into the boot with enough room to blouse. If using blousing cords, first pull a couple of inches of fabric from out of the cord so that the trousers blouse.

Tie your combat boots and double-check for proper blousing of the trousers.

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