How to Clean Merrell Senise Women's Sandals

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Merrell shoes are popular among outdoor enthusiasts. They are known for their durability and quality. Merrell also makes a line of women's sandals called Senise. These sandals offer the versatility of a sandal with the performance of a Merrell shoe. As a result, Merrell Senise sandals can get quite dirty.

Cleaning these shoes can create a bit of a challenge but with a little effort you can get them looking like new.

If your Merrell Senise sandals are new, you should give them with a leather pretreatment that will help protect them from stains and water damage. If they are made of suede, be sure to buy a treatment that is meant for use on suede. Apply the pretreatment following the manufacturer's instructions.

For older Senise sandals, remove any loose dirt or debris with the soft bristle brush. If the sandals are wet, allow them to air-dry before cleaning them.

Apply the leather cleaner to the leather portion of the sandal only. Be sure to use a cleaner that is safe for use on suede if that is your style of Senise sandal. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the application and removal of the leather cleaner.

Create a solution of soapy water using warm water and liquid dish washing detergent. Use the solution and clean rags to clean the soles and insoles of your sandals. The bristle brush may be needed to remove stubborn dirt or stains. Be careful not to get the soap solution on the leather part of the sandals. Rinse the soles and insoles with clean water and allow the sandal to air-dry.

Spray the insoles with odour-absorbing spray and treat the leather with the leather pretreatment. This will help keep your sandals smelling fresh and prevent new stains from forming on the leather.