How to Repair Mephisto Shoes

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Mephisto shoes are a high-quality product made by experienced craftsmen working with traditional materials like leather and cork to construct the shoes. Although Mephisto shoes are made to last a long time, repeated wear over a long period can result in damage to your Mephisto shoes. If your Mephisto shoes do need to be repaired, you can avoid the high cost of taking them to a shoe repair shop by fixing the shoes yourself.

Clean the outside of the shoe and inside any splits between the upper and sole, using a damp, soapy cloth. Rinse the cloth and wipe off the soap. Let the shoes dry.

Apply leather glue inside the split, coating the inside of the damaged area. Press the sole and upper together to close the split in the shoe. Wrap duct tape around the shoe to keep the split closed while the glue dries.

Remove the duct tape once the glue has dried.

Apply leather conditioner to the upper part of the shoe, using a cloth. Rub the conditioner into the leather slowly, using a circular rubbing motion. Leave the shoe for an hour to absorb the conditioner. This will re-moisturise the damaged leather.

Apply shoe polish to cover up any small scratches or scuff marks in the shoe leather. Rub the shoe polish over the shoe and buff until shiny and flawless.

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