How to Lace Double Tongue Converse

Jupiterimages/Polka Dot/Getty Images

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars have long been popular casual footwear, and continue to show fashion innovation with clever style details. This includes online customisation options, where you can change every detail of the shoe. This allows you to choose colours, patterns and double tongues.

This interactive purchasing activity allows for a shoe that is unique to you.

Lace the shoes from the bottom in a criss-cross fashion over the top of both tongues. This is considered standard lacing.

Lace halfway up, fold down the top tongue and continue to lace over the inner tongue. Since the inside tongue is of a different colour, this gives a funkier look and allows your secondary colour to show.

Lace the shoes in a straight lace style by inserting each lace in every other eyelet in a staggered fashion, the opposite of one another, so that the laces do not cross. Tuck the remainder of the laces between the two tongues or under the sole. This is also known as "skater lacing" and allows the wearer to slip the shoe on and off without lacing every time.