How to fix a clip on a tie

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Clip-on ties are ideal to use for young children, people with hand or arm injuries that prevent them from tying a tie, elderly people with arthritis, and people who don't know how to tie a real tie.

No matter how much you spend on the tie, there is always the possibility that the clasp will come off or the fabric will loosen from the clasp. You don't need to throw away the tie; instead you can repair the tie yourself.

Hold the tie as if you were about to put it on someone's shirt. Lay it on a flat surface with the tie side up and the clasp down.

Look at the clip or clasp and make sure it is intact. If it is not, put in a new tie clip. Attach the clip using a hot glue gun.

Open the tie so that the front or wide part of the tie faces left and the skinny part or the back faces right.

Bring the skinny end around the side of the clip that normally holds it in place and tuck it into the clip. Bring the end back over the triangular clip and pull it behind the front, or wide, part of the tie.

Adjust the tie so that the skinny, or back, part is laying flat behind the front part. Repeat this with the wide, or front, part if it is necessary.

Adjust the knot, and make sure it is snug and secure. You want the knot to be tight. When you are satisfied with the placement and look, hot glue the clasp to the tie, and allow it to dry.