How to stretch tight lizard cowboy boots


Cowboy boots made from lizard skin are a popular Western accessory. Lizard skin, however, has a tendency to be stiff and can cause the boots to be tight and difficult to break in. Stretching your cowboy boots will help to loosen the lizard skin and will allow the boots to form to your feet.

Luckily, you can easily stretch your cowboy boots at home in a few days.

Spray the shoe stretcher directly onto the boots, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure to use a spray stretcher that is specifically made for use on reptile skin. Use a dry cloth to rub the spray shoe stretcher into the lizard cowboy boots.

Put on a pair of thick socks and slide your feet into the lizard cowboy boots. The boots should still be damp from the spray shoe stretcher. The spray stretcher helps to relax the lizard skin and will allow the boots to mould to your feet.

Walk around in the lizard cowboy boots until the spray shoe stretcher is completely dry. Spray shoe stretcher has a high alcohol content and will dry quickly. Every day for a week, reapply the shoe stretcher and wear the boots until dry. The lizard cowboy boots will begin to feel looser and will start forming to your feet.

Use a two-way boot stretcher in conjunction with the spray shoe stretcher for faster results. A two-way boot stretcher is designed specifically for stretching cowboy boots and will allow you to stretch the boot's length and width. Insert the boot stretcher into the lizard cowboy boot, and stretch to the desired size.

Leave the boot stretcher in the boots overnight. The longer the boot stretcher is left in, the better the results. Apply the spray shoe stretcher in the morning and wear the cowboy boots until dry. Continue this combination for one week. Your lizard cowboy boots will become significantly looser.