How to Clean a B-3 Bomber Jacket

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B-3 bomber jackets were first issued in 1934 to bomber crews for open cockpit flying. Designed for warmth and safety, the jackets quickly grew in popularity among bomber pilots and fighter crews during World World II.

Today, B-3 Bomber jackets have become a popular and practical winter fashion item for the general population. These leather jackets, lined with fur and wool, are warm and stylish clothing for both men and women. With advances in textile technology, today's bomber jackets are also composed of chemically treated lambskin, making them easier to clean and resistant to water, oil and dirt. Nevertheless, proper cleaning and maintenance is required to keep your jacket looking new. With diligent care, these high quality jackets can last for a lifetime.

Wipe your leather jacket with a soft, dry cloth to remove large dirt particles, dust and other debris.

Dampen the cloth in the warm water and then into the saddle soap. Squeeze the cloth to produce a slight lather. Wring the cloth to remove any excess water.

Blot or wipe in a tight circular motion any visible stains or spots on the jacket. Allow the soap to remain on the jacket for a few minutes.

Rinse cloth thoroughly and dampen again with clean warm water. Blot and wipe the jacket, making sure to remove thoroughly all soap residue from the jacket.

Hang your jacket in a well-ventilated area and allow to air dry.

Apply a leather conditioner once the jacket has dried to restore softness and prevent cracking.