How to make brooch bouquets

Brooch bouquets are an eye-catching way of combining the classic floral wedding bouquet with a touch of vintage glamour. A selection of brooches are threaded onto stems and used as flowers to create a stunning piece. A thorough search of thrift stores and Internet auction sites can yield a wide range of brooches for this type of project, with the most popular choices being those pieces which themselves resemble flowers. Making a brooch bouquet is a creative project that allows for endless individualism, resulting in the ideal one-of-a-kind wedding bouquet.

Thread the florist wire through the openings on the back of the brooch. Each brooch will be designed differently, so you may need to alter your wiring techniques for each one. Use at least two wires for each brooch. After threading the wire through, turn back the end of the wire and twist it around itself to secure the brooch.

Trim the ends of the wires with a wire cutter to a length of about 12 inches, or the desired height for your bouquet.

Wrap a piece of corsage tape around the floral wires. Begin at the top where the wire meets the brooch. Wrap the tape around all wires attached to the brooch to hold them together. As you work your way downward, allow the tape to overlap with itself so the wire does not show through anywhere.

Repeat steps one and two for each brooch. For a full brooch bouquet you should have about 60 individual brooches. If you are combining brooches with live or silk flowers, you may only need about 20.

Gather the stems of the brooches as well as the stems of any other flowers included in the bouquet in your left hand. Arrange the flowers with your right hand until the bouquet is rounded in appearance and the brooches and flowers are positioned as desired. To reposition individual brooches, gently pluck the entire piece from the bouquet, then carefully reinsert the stem into your slightly loosened grasp in the desired location.

Wrap the arranged bouquet in corsage tape. This should help keep everything in place.

Cover the stems of the bouquet with thick ribbon or a circle of satin, secured just beneath the bouquet with a bow. This will conceal the floral tape and create an attractive handle for the bouquet.

Stand the bouquet upright in a sturdy vase to keep the flowers positioned correctly until it is time for use.

Things You'll Need

  • 22-gauge florist wire
  • Corsage tape
  • Wire cutters
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