How to find out what prison someone is in & how to contact them

Written by kay matthews | 13/05/2017
How to find out what prison someone is in & how to contact them
Inmates sentenced to state prison do not get to choose in which state prison they will serve their sentence. (prision-4129 image by Paco Ayala from

When a person commits a crime and has court cases involving the crime, public records are created. If the crime results in a prison sentence, the felon will be transported to a prison. Prison inmate rosters are also public record. In most states, Department of Corrections outfits post the names of all inmates in their system on their website, or will answer phone inquires regarding the location of state prison inmates. If you know which state an inmate is imprisoned in, it is a simple process to find out which state prison they are located in.

Visit the Department of Corrections website for your state. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has links to every state's Department of Corrections.

Locate the state in which the prison is located and click on the link. Once you are on the website for the state's Department of Corrections, look for "Inmate Search," "Inmate Look-up," or something similar. Search for the person to confirm that they are currently an inmate. Adjacent to a person's name should be the name of the state prison where he/she is located.

Find a link to the contact details of the prison listed for the inmate, or check the phone book or to locate the phone number of the prison. Contact the prison to inquire about contacting an inmate. A member of the prison staff will provide you with instructions on how to send mail to the inmate. Some prisons restrict incoming mail to inmates to certain individuals on a list provided by the inmate. If this is the case for the inmate in question, the prison staff will advise you.

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