How to Locate an Inmate in Prison

latticed prison window image by Stasys Eidiejus from

If a loved one or family friend is in prison, you may want to locate them or contact them. You can contact jail inmates by using free Internet prison directories or by calling various prisons.

Some states do not allow Internet directories wen locating prison inmates, so locating prisons individually and calling them directly may be your best bet if this is the case.

Browse to a credible prison search directory website (see References) from your Internet browser.

Locate the prison inmate search feature on the website you are using.

Enter the details of the prison inmate you are searching for. You will have to enter their first and last names as a minimum requirement. Adding additional information and details including the inmate's address, state, and even city can increase your search result accuracy tremendously.

Click "Search" to begin allowing the website to search through its entire directory. Be patient and do now browse elsewhere while the search completes to avoid any interruption or search issues.

Browse through the list of results of the prison inmates. Click on the person you are trying to locate -- this will bring up their personal page and file online. You can find more information about charges, release dates and location on the page as well as information regarding the jail and how to contact it.