How to Find a Person in Geneva Switzerland

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While travelling to Geneva, Switzerland to find a person you're looking for is appealing, that isn't always a practical option. Fortunately, the official Swiss white pages telephone directory is available online.

You don't even need to be fluent in one of the Swiss languages -- German, French or Italian -- as the white pages are available in English. Finding a person in the Geneva phone book is a straightforward process.

Visit the official Swiss online telephone directory, known as

Select the language in which you would like the page to appear by clicking one of the choices in the top right corner of the website: German (DE), French (FR), Italian (IT) or English (EN).

Enter the name of the person you're searching for in the "Who, What" text box.

Enter "Geneva" in the "Where" box. You can also enter the Swiss spelling, "Geneve"; either spelling works.

Click "Search" to display the address and telephone listings in Geneva for the name you searched.

Try a similar search at if the first search does not show the desired listing. Use the Swiss spelling "Geneve" as the U.S. spelling will not work.