How to find out if someone is wanted for arrest?

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A warrant is a legal order that local, state or federal authorities must issue prior to arresting a person within their respective jurisdictions.

If someone has a warrant out for his arrest, it means that sooner or later (pending corrective action on his part, such as paying a given fine or making up a court appearance), the authorities will seek out and arrest him. Finding out whether someone is wanted for arrest can be done by determining if there are any warrants out for his arrest.

Visit your state or local government's website and find the clerk of court's page. Click the "Public Records" option, which will be listed under the services offered by that department, and browse through it to see if a specific person has warrants out for her arrest. When you arrive at the "Search" option, enter as much information as possible about the person, but at minimum her first and last name. Alternatively, visit the clerk of court's office and complete your inquiry in person.

Call your state or local police department and ask the representative to put you through to the individual who handles arrest warrants. Provide the individual with as much information about the person as possible so as to increase your chances for a match.

Use a private online warrant search if your local authorities don't have websites capable of processing warrant searches or if you simply don't feel like calling them. Click any of the links listed under "Resources," where you can input any person's name and information and search for warrants they may have. Please note that these services may charge a fee.