How to shorten the length of a song to copy to a cd

Written by alan temple | 13/05/2017
How to shorten the length of a song to copy to a cd
You may need to shorten a song to make it fit on a blank CD. (cd-r image by matteo NATALE from

The combination of blank, rewriteable CDs and an extensive music catalogue makes it possible to create your own album of favourite songs. One downside to blank CDs is that they have limited space, and you can struggle to get all the music you want on the disk. One way to remedy this is to cut down the length of some songs --- and in doing so make the song file a more manageable size.

Open iTunes on your computer and navigate to your library of songs.

Right-click on the song you wish to shorten, and then click "Get Info" from the popup menu that appears.

Click on the "Options" tab at the top. You will find two check-box options labelled "Start Time" and "Stop Time," each with open fields. These fields refer to the elapsed time the song has played before you want it to start or stop.

Edit the number in those fields to change the length of the song.

Press "OK" to confirm that you wish to change the song to this length. The song will now stay at this length when you burn the song to a CD.

Things you need

  • iTunes

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