Guitar Amp Speaker Grill Replacement Techniques

Written by keith ruckus
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Guitar Amp Speaker Grill Replacement Techniques
The grill on an amplifier protects the speaker from debris. (amplifier image by Darko Draskovic from

Replacing the grill of your guitar amp is an uncomplicated undertaking. According to, home repairs to musical instruments are becoming more and more common. Keeping your grill in top shape is very important to the performance of your amp. The grill, be it metal or cloth, keeps outside debris and objects from touching the speaker of the amplifier. If your grill becomes damaged, it is important to replace it right away.

Make Sure Your Grill Needs Replacement

Check the grill for damage. If your amp has a metal grill, check for dents or breaks. If the amp has a cloth grill, look for tears. Once you have determined that your grill needs replacement, consult the owner's guide for the amp to see if it is covered by a warranty. If not, there are several ways you can replace the grill yourself. Be sure to unplug the amp and turn the power off before you start to work on the amp.

Metal Grills

If you have a metal grill, make sure you purchase the correct replacement at your local music shop by indicating the model number of your amplifier. Remove the old grill. If your grill has screws on the outside corners, simply unscrew them and gently lift off the grill, being careful not to touch the speaker inside. If your grill is connected by screws inside the amp, lay the amp face down on a soft surface and search inside the back of the front plate until you find the screws that match the colour of your grill. Take care in unscrewing these as you may be close to wires. Once you have removed the old grill, discard it and save your screws. Take the replacement metal grill purchased from your local music shop and screw in the new grill in the exact place the old grill was.

Cloth Grills

Cloth grills have a few more options for replacement. You may purchase a new grill from your local music shop, or create a new cloth grill using canvas or any other material that is not easy ripped. A classic technique is using a T-shirt. Lay the amplifier flat down and make sure it is unplugged. Gently pop the front wooden frame off of the front by holding the frame in place and pulling back on the amplifier. Take the wooden frame in hand and remove the cloth. Keep the frame right side up, and stretch the new material over the wooden frame and attach it using super glue, or industrial clear tape. Make sure the material is tight, but has just a slight amount of give to prevent future tears. Lay the amp face down onto the wood frame and snap it back into place gently.

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