The Specifications of a NEC Versa E400 Notebook Images

Made exclusively for the Asian market, the NEC Versa E400 was a notebook PC from Japanese-based technology company NEC. It was released for sale in 2002 and had a starting manufacturer's price of £649. The NEC Versa was designed as a bare-bones computer, suitable for the most basic computing tasks.

Processor, Memory and Drives

The processor of the NEC Versa E400 was a 1.5-GHz Intel Celeron. NEC set the installed memory at 128 MB, and the laptop also included a 20-GB hard drive and a 24x CD-ROM drive.

Graphics and Ports

The NEC Versa E400 shared 32 MB with the integrated SiS 650 graphics chipset for its video and graphics, including display support for up to 1024 x 768 resolution. Its ports included an S-Video connector and four USB 1.1 ports.

Physical Characteristics

The NEC Versa E400 notebook was about 1.3 inches thick and weighed about 3.18kg. Its screen was a 14.1-inch LCD panel.