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How to Take Apart an Audix D6

The D6, a lightweight drum microphone made by Audix, has many applications. It's used to record or mic the kick drum or floor tom for live music settings. The D6 can also be used to record bass guitar and Leslie organ. If your microphone is not properly maintained, the capsules inside the microphone will not pick up sound properly. Taking apart the Audix D6 allows you to clean the microphone and perform basic repairs.

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  1. Remove the microphone from its plastic case, and relocate it to a sturdy work surface.

  2. Grasp the top section of the microphone's housing -- also called the grill -- and twist it in the counterclockwise direction until it comes loose. Remove this top section of the housing so the microphone's capsule is exposed.

  3. Locate the small, flathead screw on the narrow section of the microphone's housing. Loosen and remove this screw. Grasp the capsule, and lift the entire capsule and XLR connector assembly out of the microphone's housing.

  4. Warning

    Dismantling your Audix D6 microphone may void its service or manufacturer's warranty.

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Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver

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