Klipsch RF-35 Vs. Klipsch RF-62

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Klipsch manufactures a wide array of quality loudspeakers from affordable to very expensive. Klipach has been renown for decades for using horn tweeters. The Klipsch RF-35 and Klipsch RF-62 are both floor-standing speakers at the economical end of the Klipsch speaker line. The RF-62 is the newer model of the two.


Klipsch's Reference Series RF-35 is an affordable floor-standing loudspeaker that features Klipsch's well-known Tractrix horn technology, which combines evenly dispersed sound into the listening area with greater energy efficiency in converting amplifier power into sound. The horn is mated to a Klipsch titanium tweeter positioned in the centre of the horn. The speaker employs two of Klipsch's 8-inch copper-coloured Cerametallic woofers for low-end frequency response. It was first sold in 2003.


The floor-standing Klipsch RF-62 utilises a 1-inch titanium tweeter with a ceramic motor structure (compared to the neodymium material used in the RF-32) with the same Tractrix horn as the RF-35. Klipsch has always maintained that horn dispersion uses the least amount of amplifier power when driving the loudspeaker, and thereby minimises amplifier distortion. The RF-62 succeeded the RF-35 in the Klipsch speaker line in 2006.


Klipsch is known for highly efficient speakers. This means they produce good volume for 1 watt of amplifier power output. The RF-62 efficiency rating is 98 while the RF-35 reached 97 SPL. The RF-62's crossover point is 1,800 hertz, lower than the RF-35's crossover point of 2,600 hertz, so a greater range of high frequencies are sent to the horn tweeter in the RF-62. This results in less audio range for the woofers to handle.

Physical Differences

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The RF-35 and the RF-62 both weigh 24.5kg. per speaker, but their physical size is slightly different. The RF-35 is 40.9 inches high, 9.25 inches wide and 14.8 inches deep. The RF-62 is 40.6 inches high, 8.5 inches wide and 15.5 inches deep. The profile of the RF-62 is therefore a little sleeker.

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