JBL LX66 Speaker Specifications

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The JBL company is a unit of Harman International Industries, Inc. The business designs and builds audio equipment for consumers as well as entertainment and automotive industries around the world. JBL speaker systems are featured in venues such as movie theatres, sports stadiums and concert halls.

The JBL LX66 floor speaker was manufactured in Denmark from 1989-1992 and are called "towers" because of their height. To this day, audiophiles buy and sell LX66 speakers and describe them as having very high sound quality.

Dimensions and Appearance

Speaker cabinet dimensions are 42 by 14 by 15 inches. The two woofers are 8 inches, the mid-range speaker is 5 inches and the pure titanium tweeter is 1 1/2 inches in diameter. The cabinet finish is available in wood grain or black laminate. The speakers are rear-ported. For this reason it is recommended that at least 6 inches of space is left between the speaker and a solid surface to allow sufficient air flow.

Sound Frequency

The sensitivity is 94dB, 4 ohms, 150 watts RMS. The frequency response is 45 hz to 20 kHz. The crossover frequencies are 650 hz and 3.8 kHz. The woofers' frequency is 408G while the mid-range speaker is 405G.


Current owners of these speakers report that the foam around the woofers has disintegrated over time but that the sound quality is not affected. Repair kits to re-foam the 8-inch woofer can be purchased for about £19.50 as of October 2010.