Denon DRA-95VR Receiver Specs

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Understand the specifications of the Denon DRA-95VR receiver to verify its compatibility with an existing sound system. Denon is a high-fidelity company that has been manufacturing audio equipment for over a century. Denon targets its products to home and commercial users.

Its product lines include DVD players, home theatre receivers and amplifiers. The DRA-95VR is an AM/FM receiver designed to provide low-distortion, stereo-quality audio.

Total Harmonic Distortion

The Denon DRA-95VR receiver has a total harmonic distortion (THD) of 0.0095 per cent. The THD level measures the amount of distortion present during audio playback. The lower the level, the clearer the audio playback will be. Intermodulation distortion, which measures the distortion between multiple frequencies, is listed at 0.025 per cent for this receiver.

System Wattage

The wattage rating for the Denon DRA-95VR system is 100 watts per channel at four ohms with a THD of 1 per cent and 65 watts per channel at eight ohms with a THD of 0.015 per cent. Only two channels are available as the DRA-95VR is a stereo receiver. The ohms rating is a measure of resistance; the lower the resistance, the more power the amplifier will provide.

Device Inputs

The DRA-95VR has inputs available for "Phono" with a dB level of 68; "Auxiliary" with a level 88 dB; "Video/Tape 1" with a dB level of 98; "Video/Tape 2" with a dB level of 98; and "CD" with a dB level of 98. The dB level dictates the power available for each input area measured in decibels. The various input devices are connected using left and right auxiliary plugs.

Tone Control Levels

The available tone controls for the Denon DRA-95VR are bass and treble. The bass level ranges from -8 dB to +8 dB with a frequency level of 100 hertz. The treble level ranges from -8 dB to 8 dB with a frequency level of 10 kHz. A loudness control adjustment is also available to increase the audio power levels.

Tuner Ratio

The Denon DRA-95VR features a built-in AM/FM tuner. The FM tuning frequency ranges from 87.5 to 108MHz. The frequency response ranges from 20 hertz to 15 kHz. The THD for mono signals is 0.1 per cent, while stereo signals have a THD of 0.3 per cent. The AM tuning frequency ranges from 522 to 1611 kHz.