How to Hook Up a Computer to a Boss ME-70

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The BOSS ME-70 is a multi-effects guitar pedal array providing all the standard effects with advanced amp and speaker modelling using Roland's proprietary COSM (Composite Object Sound Modeling) engines. Its design is different from similar devices through the inclusion of knobs for controlling each parameter, rather than a single knob that serves multiple purposes. The output section of the ME-70 provides easy connection options to most performance or recording setups.

Connect the 1/4-inch end of the stereo adaptor cable to the "REC OUT/PHONES" jack on the rear panel of the ME-70. Connect the 1/8-inch end of the stereo adaptor cable to the blue jack on your computer's sound card.

Connect the ME-70 to both an amplifier and your computer by using the mono adaptor in the same manner by using the "Gt. Amp" outputs. Route one channel to your amp and the other to the computer.

Select your sound card input as the source for the ME-70s audio output. If you are using the split output method, you can connect a microphone to the pink input on your sound card to provide a mix of direct and amplified sounds.

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