Sansui R606 Specifications

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Sansui, a Japanese Company, manufactured electronic equipment including high end stereo receivers like the R606. Stereo receivers contain tuners for AM and FM radio and also receive audio input from devices attached to them, such as compact disc players. The stereo receiver then amplifies the audio and sends the signal to the speakers. The R606 is no longer in production but you can find it for sale.


The Sansui R606 stereo receiver measures 16 15/16 inches wide and 4 11/16 inches high. It's 9 1/2 inches deep and weighs 4.49kg.

AM and FM Tuner

The FM tuner has a range from 88 to 106MHz while the AM tuner ranges from 530 to 1600 kHz. The FM tuner has a signal to noise ratio of 65 decibels (dB), with this specification detailing the amount of signal received as opposed to the amount of noise. The higher the number, the better sound with less noise. For the AM tuner the ratio is 45 dB. This compares with the signal to noise ratio for an attached phonograph turntable of 72 dB and a tape player of 90 dB. Those specifications reflect the age of the stereo receiver.


The specification sheet for the R606 lists the voltage at 120 volts, meaning the unit can be plugged into a standard electrical socket in the United States. Consumption of electricity is 120 watts with a maximum of 170 watts.

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