Specifications for Yamaha NX-GX505 Speakers

speaker 001 image by TheThirdMan from Fotolia.com

The Yamaha NX-GX 505 is a personal 61-key piano emulating keyboard. The Yamaha 505 is a multi-sound processor with the ability to play as 50 different instruments. The Yamaha 505 also has two on-board speakers that play the music when the headphones are not plugged in.

The speakers are protected by dual plastic grilles attached to the shell of the keyboard.

Speaker make-up

The two speakers in the Yamaha NX-GX505 are located on the two sides of the keyboard facing straight up. The Speakers are 12 centimetres wide, and 3 centimetres tall. The cone is made of silicon and paper hybrid material. The centre bead is a zinc compound, and vibrates rapidly to create the sound from the speaker. The speaker is surrounded by a plastic grate shell protecting it. Touching the cone, or centre bead, will disrupt or damage the speaker.


The speakers output up to 15 decibels. The volume is controlled by a volume fader on the left side of the keyboard. The speakers are powered by on-board amplifiers running 6 watts each, meaning the entire board sends out 12 watts of power. The keyboard also comes equipped with 1/4-inch cable outputs if larger speakers are necessary.


Yamaha offers replacement speakers if the duel piano speakers in the 505 are ever damaged. These replacements are installed by simply prying off the plastic cover, removing the connecting wires of the speakers, and then pulling them out of the casing. The new speakers fit right in and can be connected with the existing wires. The plastic casing can then be replaced, and snapped back into place by pressing directly down onto them.