How to Disassemble an Altec Lansing ACS31

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The Altec Lansing AS31 is a speaker set consisting of 2 satellite speakers and a single subwoofer that you can connect to any computer system and amplify the audio created by the system. If you are curious as to how the speakers function or just want to see the inside, it is possible to disassemble the speakers and gain access to the interior of the equipment.

Disconnect the audio cables running from the Altec Lansing speakers to the computer. Remove the power cable from the electrical socket.

Flip the subwoofer upside down to locate the subwoofer speaker. There is a Phillips screw in each corner. Remove the Phillips screws and slide the top of the subwoofer off to get full access to the speaker system. Inside is the wiring running from the speaker to the audio input connections on the side of the equipment.

Remove the small Phillips screws on the side of each satellite speaker. Insert a flathead screwdriver into the small groove running from the top to bottom and press upward to separate the two sides of the speaker. Inside is the speaker assembly, the wires running from the speaker to the connection ports and the connection port jacks. To fully disassemble the speaker, remove the wires from the cable connection port. Note that you will have to cut the wire, thus rendering the speakers inoperable; avoid if you want to use the speakers in future.

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