How to Connect a Portable Dishwasher

Portable dishwashers are a convenient appliance for apartment dwellers or those with small kitchens. Portable dishwashers are also a good backup when your standard dishwasher breaks down and requires repair. They are compact enough to install and uninstall on a daily basis. Connecting a portable dishwasher is generally the same among all the manufacturers. The dishwasher uses the kitchen faucet to supply water for cleaning your dishes.

Turn the kitchen faucet aerator counterclockwise with a pair of pliers and remove it from the faucet. Attach the faucet adaptor kit that comes with the portable dishwasher to the faucet. Each kit comes with the necessary adaptors to attach to either and inside or outside threaded faucet spout.

Place the portable dishwasher on the counter next to the sink or on the floor in front of the sink. Turn on the hot water on the faucet and allow it to run until the water temperature is hot. Turn off the faucet.

Attach the water supply hose on the back of the dishwasher to the faucet adaptor. Most portable dishwasher adaptors use a slip collar that you pull down and slip the supply hose connector into the adaptor. Once the connector snaps into position release the collar.

Lay the dishwasher drain hose over the top of the faucet spout and insert the end of the hose into the sink drain. Some portable dishwashers use a hook to secure the hose to the faucet. If necessary, attach the hose to the spout with a plastic zip tie.

Plug the dishwasher power cord into an electrical socket. Load the dishwasher according to the manufacturers instructions and turn on the hot water at the faucet.


Follow the manufacturer's instructions that come with the dishwasher for specifics on the faucet adaptor as well as loading dishes.

Things You'll Need

  • Faucet adaptor
  • Zip tie
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