My name is Carol Hughes. I've owned Custom Costumes of Rochester for 25 years now. Today, I'm going to demonstrate some basics of costuming to you. How to make a Christmas angel. This is an unusual angel. We use just the coat which is a beautiful white brocade and it's trimmed in fur, basically like Santa. However it has a hood that's also trimmed in fur. To this we added a halo on top of the hood and wings. These are my favorite wings. They're a very sturdy structure and they're really very comfortable when you wear them. It's got a real sturdy crossbar, real feathers and Marabou boas around the top and Marabou boas are attacked to the Velcro that you slip your arm through and you can adjust it of course, being Velcro to however big or small you need it. It has a lovely trim around the sleeves and around the hem above the fur and the fabric has some glitter in it. My name is Carol Hughes and that's how you make a Christmas angel.