Hi, I'm Jaime from Studio 24 at Salon Republic, and today I'm going to show you an updo hairstyle for young girls. Just pick, like, a strand of the hair, you know, separate the ponytail into maybe five or six, just depends how much hair your little girl has at home. I would just separate then, and use a curling iron to curl them. We'll do this very quickly. So, you can just separate the hair into different strands and curl them. So, here we are, we have curl over here in like little sections, and just for your cautious, you know, you don't want to leave the curling iron too long on the hair, because you might burn the hair. So, once we've got all the hair curled, then you kind of just use your creativity to pin the hair up however you want it, and sometimes I will even tease it a little bit, but since teasing is a little bit hard for everyone, so I'm just going to use whatever curls I have and put it up, and just make sure you use the bobby pin that's close to the little girl's hair color. Like, for instance, if someone has blonde hair, you don't want to really use a darker color bobby pin because it will show. So, I'm just taking little sections and I'm just going to pin them up so it is an updo. So, we're just going to put the hair up in, like, sections, and this part can be really fun because you know, you can just do, use your creativity and just kind of create different curls. We're going to continue doing this throughout the head. We pin the curls all through around the ponytail, and I might just lightly tease it a little bit, and then you can set this updo with hairspray. And here is the updo hairstyle for young girls.