I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to prune rose bushes. Well first thing you need is a good pair of pruning clippers like these right here. They work really well for a multitude of pruning issues. Second of all in our part of the country the best time to start pruning your roses is February 14th which is Valentine's day an easy way to remember when to prune your roses. Up until that point no but after that point is a great time to prune them. Very simple with the clippers. Don't be afraid to cut too much because if it's a healthy plant they will come back. Basically take something like this and I would just come down to about where it makes that Y, do the same thing. Work your way around the shrub or the plant. Making it even wherever you are with it. We cut off here or over here. Line it up, cut it there. And just keep moving around the plant. Lining things up and making your cuts. And there's no special order to do this in. Just be sure you get all the way around the plant. I would even come over all these under growths and do the same thing. Especially if you see something that's growing back over something else or growing into it you definitely want to take those off. Now you may not cut everything because you want to leave some of it up. But that's basically how you trim a rose bush.