How to remove velcro rollers

People with medium or long hair often enjoy the lift and body of waves and curls. When you need simple curls, Velcro rollers can create curls that last and stay beautiful. Because of the hook and loop nature of Velcro, you must remove them from your hair carefully to avoid messy and painful tangles. Remove Velcro rollers properly after your hair dries and your tresses will look attractively bouncy and curly.

Allow the hair rolled in the Velcro curlers to dry completely before you remove the curlers.

Hold a Velcro roller by each side edge and begin unrolling it away from your head to unwind your hair.

Continue unrolling your hair slowly without pulling or slipping the roller from your hair until your hair unrolls completely.

Repeat the same process with each curler until you remove them all.


Never slide a Velcro roller from your hair because you will likely tangle your hair tightly around the Velcro roller. Always unroll them in the opposite direction you rolled them to remove them without tangling your hair.

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