How to Tie Kilt Shoelaces

Updated February 21, 2017

Gillie Brogues, the dressy leather shoes worn with kilts and knee socks in traditional Scottish dress, need to be tied a special way. Though the tying style of these shoes looks elaborate, you secure them with the same knots used in traditional shoelace tying.

Pull up your knee socks and put on your Ghillie Brogues.

Lace your shoes as normal, if the shoelaces aren't already in the eyelets.

Pull your laces tight at the top of the shoes so no slack exists.

Hold the laces up with the tassels toward your knees. Twist the laces around each other three to six times.

Bring your laces around the back of your legs, crossing them once before bringing them back to the front of your legs.

Tie your laces in a normal shoelace knot, then make a double knot to secure the shoelaces in place.


Gillie Brogues can also be tied to the side, rather than on the front of the leg.

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