How Do I Make My Own Party Invitations on the Computer?

Written by ilana boyum | 13/05/2017
How Do I Make My Own Party Invitations on the Computer?
Making invitations on the computer is simple and easy. (party invitation image by robert mobley from

The invitations that you send out for a party say a lot to your guests. Although you can purchase attractive party invitations at a store and then fill them out and send them to guests, it is much more personal and rewarding to create your own invitations. There are many card-making software programs on the market, but you don't need one to make invitations. Using your home computer and a word-processing program, you can easily create an invitation that looks and says exactly what you want to convey in just a few short minutes.

Open your word-processing program. Use either the desktop icon or navigate to it through either the "Start" menu on a PC or the "Finder" on a Mac.

Create a table in your word-processing program that consists of two rows and two columns. Adjust the height of each row so that you have four equal-sized squares on the page (the program automatically sizes the columns so they fit the width of the page).

Click the bottom right-hand cell of your table to design the cover of your invitation. You can enter text, insert pictures and even change the background colour of the cell using all of the normal editing tools that your word-processing program provides.

Click the top left-hand cell of your table and enter your party details. Be sure to include information such as the date and time of the party, where the party is being held, what the occasion for the party is, who guests should RSVP to and when they should RSVP by. If you have any other special instructions, include those as well.

Print two copies of your invitation. Cut out the square with the party information off one copy, and tape it over the square that has the party information on the uncut sheet so that the text is upside down. It needs to be oriented this way so that the text will be right side up when the invitation is folded.

Take your invitation to a copy store, and make as many copies as needed.

Fold each copy in half horizontally, and then in half again vertically. This will create a card-style invitation.

Things you need

  • Computer with word-processing program

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