How to Reset BIOS in an HP Pavilion

Written by necie reed | 13/05/2017
How to Reset BIOS in an HP Pavilion
Reboot your computer to access its BIOS settings. (laptop image by Angie Lingnau from

HP Pavilion desktop and laptop are popular computers equipped with a CD-R drive, DVD drive and plenty of storage space for media and data files. HP provides support and updates to its customers through telephone and online support. You may be required to reset your BIOS settings to factory default settings if your computer has trouble booting properly.

Reboot your HP Pavilion computer.

Tap the "F1" button on your keyboard several times until you see the "Entering Setup" message on your monitor.

Press "F5" on your keyboard. This will select the "Set to factory settings" option on your BIOS settings screen.

Press "F10" to exit set-up.

Press "Enter" to confirm your changes. Your computer will reboot.

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