How to Make Paper Flowers & Party Decorations

Updated February 21, 2017

Use tissue paper flowers and butterflies to turn your next party into a colourful fairyland. Tissue paper comes in a rainbow of colours to suit any decor. Giant flowers are an inexpensive way to add lots of bright colour to your party decorations. Paper flowers in bold colours are traditional for a Mexican fiesta while pastel flowers and butterflies create a sweet atmosphere for a little girl's birthday party. Making these easy decorations will keep children busy while they wait for the party day.

Lay six pieces of tissue paper out flat. Stack the paper so all the edges are even. Fold up a 1-inch fold along the long edge of the stack of paper.

Turn the stack of paper over and make another 1-inch fold along the folded edge. Continue to turn the paper over and make folds until you reach the other edge. This will accordion fold the stack of paper. You will have a long strip of folded paper.

Round both ends of strip of paper with scissors. Fold the paper in half and wrap a pipe cleaner tightly around the fold. Pull the layers of paper apart to make a large, fluffy flower. Hang these flowers from the ceiling or tape them to walls.

If you want to add a stem to your flower, wrap the ends of the pipe cleaner around a bamboo stake. Secure the ends with a piece of tape. Stick the flowers into the ground around your party area or display clusters of them in vases.

Cut two 10-by-10-inch squares of tissue paper. Fold them in half. Cut the edge opposite the fold into a decorative design, such as scallops or zigzags. Two large scallops work well.

Unfold the paper and thread the fold into a wooden clothespin, the kind without a spring. Push the paper into the pin so that it is gathered evenly along the clothespin. Hold the paper in by taping around the open end of the pin.

Separate the two layers of paper into two fluffy butterfly wings on each side of the pin. Wrap a pipe cleaner around the head of the butterfly and shape it into two curly antennae.

Hang the butterflies from the ceiling, tape them to walls or place them among the paper flowers.

Things You'll Need

  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Bamboo garden stakes
  • Tape
  • Wooden clothes pins
  • Clear tape
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