How to recycle Lexmark ink cartridges

Updated February 21, 2017

Lexmark offers Lexmark product users a free recycling option within the Lexmark Collection and Recycling Program to stop the accumulation of low or spent ink cartridges in landfills. Ink cartridges not only cause landfill space issues, but also contain ink chemicals and parts that can prove hazardous to humans and the environment over time. All that you need to do is request one or more prepaid ink cartridge return bags from Lexmark via an online form and then ship back the cartridges after you receive the bags.

Click the Lexmark "Ink Cartridge Recycle Form" link in the Resources section.

Select one, two or three pre-pad return bags on the Web form and then fill in your address information, e-mail address and phone number.

Click the "Submit" button. Wait up to 2 weeks for the prepaid bag(s) to arrive.

Place your first ink cartridge inside the prepaid return bag and close the bag. Repeat with additional cartridges and bags as needed.

Drop the prepaid return bag(s) and cartridge(s) off at your local post office.


If you don't receive your prepaid return bag(s), call Lexmark at 800-LEXMARK (539-6275) for assistance with tracking the original shipment or requesting replacement bags. If you want to receive a discount or cash back for your old Lexmark cartridges, contact your local computer, office or ink cartridge supply stores to find out if any offer recycling programs.

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