How to Service an Epson RX585 Waste Ink Pad

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The Epson Stylus Photo RX585 is a professional photo printer that uses high-quality inks and is capable of scanning and copying functionality. Each time that you print with the Epson Stylus Photo RX585, the printer deposits excess ink onto the waste ink pad. If you receive an alert on the printer that you need to replace the waste ink pad, you can either send it to Epson for service or manually replace and reset it yourself. Note that these instructions refer to computers running Windows XP or later.

Turn off the Epson Stylus Photo RX585 and open the front cover of the printer.

Locate the foam waste ink pad on the left-hand side of the printer's internal parts and pull on the dry part to remove it from the printer.

Insert a replacement Epson waste ink pad in the exact location where you removed the old one.

Close the lid, turn the printer on and make sure you have it connected to your computer.

Download the Epson SSC Service Utility (see Resources). Double-click on the desktop icon that appears.

Go to the "Configuration" tab at the top of the pop-up window.

Select your printer's name from the "Installed Printers" list and enter "Epson Stylus Photo RX585" as the printer model.

Right-click on the SSC Service Utility icon in the taskbar in the lower right-hand corner of your desktop.

Go to the "Protection Counter" sub-menu and select the "Reset protection counter" option. Click "Yes" to confirm that you replaced the waste ink pad. This will reset the printer's internal counter, and the waste ink pad error message will disappear.

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