How to Reset a Canon Pixma MP220

Hemera Technologies/ Images

The Canon Pixma MP220 is a multifunction inkjet printer that has the ability to copy, scan and print photo-quality pictures from your computer, camera or compatible memory card.

The Canon Pixma MP220 will work with the Macintosh OS X platform and PC-compatible computers that feature the Microsoft Windows operating system. If you need to reset the waste ink counter on your Canon Pixma MP220, you can do so manually; without any special software.

Turn off the printer and hold the “RESUME” button located on top of the MP220. While holding the “RESUME” button, press the “POWER” button and wait for the machine’s green LED to illuminate.

Release the “RESUME” button while holding the “POWER” button. Press the “RESUME” button twice and release the “POWER” button.

Press the “RESUME” button four times followed by the “POWER” button. Turn the printer off and then on to complete the reset process.