How to Become a Samsung Dealer

glowonconcept/iStock/Getty Images

Business owners wanting to sell Samsung cell phone accessories can apply for a dealer account directly from Samsung. This type of dealer account requires an applicant to prove he is a reseller and not a member of the public looking for a bargain on Samsung products.

With an approved account, a credit card and a minimum purchase of £65, registered businesses can make a purchase of cell phone accessories online. Samsung phones are actually manufactured for service providers and not available for purchase through Samsung.

Obtain a business license and a resale exemption certificate from the state in which you will be selling Samsung products. Contact your state's tax and revenue department to inquire about the how to receive the resale exemption certificate and the city your business resides in for a business license and identification number. Samsung requires a copy of the resale exemption certificate and the entry of the business name and identification number on its registration application.

Visit the Samsung dealer website and fill out the application for a dealer/agent account. Submit the application information using the "Submit" button and receive a registered account number from Samsung on the next screen.

Fax the resale exemption certificate to Samsung and write your Samsung registered account number on the document. Attaching the account number to the document ensures the document does not end up in the wrong account file. Use the fax number Samsung provides on the registration page. The resale exemption certificate allows Samsung to legally ship your items tax free to your business location. Documents can also be e-mailed to Samsung at

Order products from Samsung by logging into the dealer website. Orders must be for £65 or more and must be paid for using a credit card (see Tips).