How to dispose of lighter fluid

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The Environmental Protection Agency has strict guidelines for proper disposal methods of hazardous chemical waste. Lighter fluid products are an ignitable waste and fall into the larger category of household hazardous waste. If you have unwanted lighter fluid, there are a few options for disposal.

Read the label on the lighter-fluid container to see if the manufacturer has recommended disposal procedures.

Use the lighter fluid as it was intended. If you use all of the fluid, there is no need to take extra measures to dispose of the container -- it can be discarded with normal waste.

Locate and contact a recycling centre to ask them about disposal of hazardous chemicals. You can find a nearby hazardous waste disposal site online at (see Resources). Enter "lighter fluid" in the field labelled "Find recycling centres for" and enter your city and state in the proper field. A list of state-certified hazardous waste disposal centres will appear on the next page.

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