How to Style a Boy's Hair in Angel Curls

Whether you are a young man who has naturally wavy or curly hair, or you are a new mother with a boy who has a natural head of hair for angel curls, there are some tips for this style that can help you on your way.

Start with a clean slate. Wash the hair and use a gentle conditioner to help give it body and volume.

Dry the hair by patting it with a towel, and then using a low heat diffuser to dry the roots of boy's hair for more volume. The angel curls style is best served with lots of volume up top to boost the curls all over.

Turn on a set of hot rollers while combing out the boy's hair and ready it to style in angel curls.

Place a small amount of men's mousse in the palm of your hand and work it through the hair from root to tip. Make sure it is evenly distributed over the hair for help in holding the curls.

Use small sections of hair, separated with a comb, and curl them in small to medium curlers. The size is dependent on the size angel curls you want your style to have.

Spray the hair, while in curlers, with a light coating of hair spray. This helps set the angel curls in the hair. Then, you must let the curlers completely cool before removing them.

Style the angel curls by gently removing the curlers. Avoid brushing or combing the curls, as this can take some of the bounce and curl out of the style.

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