How to sell empty cartridges

Updated February 21, 2017

Empty inkjet cartridges can fetch 60p to £1.30 per cartridge if you recycle them through programs that pay cash, or they can save you £1.30 to £1.90 on the purchase of new cartridges or other office supplies. The empty cartridges get recycled, refilled and put back into stores. Recycling takes a few minutes, and aside from the cash bonus, helps reduce the amount of landfill plastic waste from empty cartridges.

Bring empty inkjet cartridges to your nearest office supply and computer parts store, such as Staples or Best Buy. Recycle them in the store to receive store credit toward a future purchase. In 2010, Staples offers customers £1.30 back per cartridge (up to 10 per month) and Office Depot gives customers £1.90 per cartridge (up to 20 per month).

Wrap empty cartridges from manufacturers including HP, Lexmark, Canon and Xerox in newspaper and package them in a shipping box. Send them to Inkjet Cartridges for recycling. The company pays 60p to £1.30 for most cartridges.

4095 Oceanside Blvd.

Suite E

Oceanside, California 92056


Sell any type of empty inkjet cartridges to Surplus Toner Buyer. Fill out its online form listing the quantity and type of inkjet cartridge you have. The company will e-mail you back with a prepaid shipping label that you can use to ship the empties. Contact Surplus Toner Buyer directly to find out how much you'll be paid per cartridge.

Surplus Toner Buyer

3339 Fitzgerald Road, Suite 9

Rancho Cordova, California 95742


Gather 20 or more empty inkjet cartridges from any manufacturer except Epson and send them to Enviro Solutions to get paid in cash or use the profits as a fundraiser for your favourite non-profit group or charity. Create an account to receive free shipping supplies then send your cartridges. Once your account balance is £6 or more, you'll be paid or your proceeds will go to charity. Contact Enviro Solutions directly to obtain current cartridge rates.

Enviro Solutions

P.O. Box 2482

Lexington, South Carolina 29071

Things You'll Need

  • Newspaper
  • Shipping box
  • Tape
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