DIY Chinese Wedding Invitations

Updated April 17, 2017

If you are planning a Chinese-themed wedding, the invitations set the tone of the wedding. Chinese culture lends itself well to wedding invitation design in the beauty of the lettering and the classic symbols such as cherry blossoms and water lotuses. The symbolism in Chinese culture as well as its ancient proverbs can also illustrate the wedding stationery, complementing the love and romance of the wedding.

Choose red stationery with gold accents, or use a red font for the invitation along with touches of gold, as these are the traditional colours of Chinese weddings. Traditional Chinese invitations also include a pink insert in the red card that holds the pertinent wedding information on it, which you may wish to incorporate into your invitations.

Choose a Chinese symbol to represent the theme of your wedding, such as the symbol for love, unity, harmony or romance. Use the symbol, with a translation written below it, as the centrepiece of the invitation design.

If you prefer, print a picture of a cherry blossom or water lotus on the front of the envelope or on the front of the invitation, in lieu of the Chinese symbol.

Add a Chinese proverb that illustrates love and marriage to close the invitation. For example, suggests the proverb “Destined to be married from a previous life, united for hundreds of years in this life."

Print an image of a dragon and phoenix on the front of the envelope or back of the invitation. In Chinese culture, these creatures represent the male and female energies and, likewise, the perfect couple.

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