Proper way to wear wrist corsages

Updated February 21, 2017

Wrist corsages make beautiful accessories for any formal dress or gown. The corsage may be the final item that you put on before leaving for an event. Wearing a wrist corsage is not as simple as placing the corsage over one of your wrists. When you wear a wrist corsage, consider corsage etiquette, the conditions of the flowers that make up the corsage and your own personal comfort throughout the evening.

Turn your weak arm, or non-writing arm, palm upward. Your inside wrist faces the ceiling.

Place the corsage's ribbon over the weak hand so the flowers of the corsage are touching the bottom side of the hand. The flowers are pointed towards the ground.

Slide the elastic ribbon of the corsage over the hand so that the ribbon is wrapped around the wrist. Lower the corsage slowly if the flowers are so high up on the back of the hand that you cannot comfortably move the hand. Readjust the corsage for comfort, if necessary.


Remember that it is customary for a date to place the corsage on the lady's wrist before going out for the evening. If with a group of people wearing the same type of corsage, as may be the case with a wedding party, it is customary for all parties of that group to wear the corsage on the same wrist.

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